I am available to speak with parents who are looking for assistance finding solutions to their questions or concerns regarding their children. Just learning some small strategies makes all the difference in the parent-child relationship. When asked, I can communicate with school systems and teachers so they may best understand my students' learning styles. Here's what I do:

Support:  As a mother of three, I know how reassuring and beneficial it is to have an expert on hand to discuss the numerous questions parents have regarding their children's academic and personal lives, including how to best support them while assuring they will realize their optimum potential.

Advocate: I teach parents how to help their children become strong, independent learners. Parents and students often need assistance knowing how to approach educators: what to discuss in appointments with educators, how to assist their children so they may achieve confidence, asking the right questions, and becoming adept at what to do with that information when it is received. I instruct parents so they know when and how to intervene so they may best support their child and so they may work with the schools in the most effective manner.

Understand Learning Differences: Everyone learns differently, but those who have academic challenges have a greater need to master techniques many learners take for granted. Students with these challenges are often told to just "work harder" and although there is truth in this statement, those with learning differences often do not know how to study harder, since the academic skills necessary for success do not come easily or naturally to them. Through better understanding the individual learning style of each student, I work with parents and students to approach their academics differently so their course work can be more approachable, manageable, and achievable. Even when a student does not have learning differences, studying and learning can be difficult, since schools rarely teach how to study. I employ a host of time tested techniques to foster my students' academic successes so they will be more enthusiastic learners, develop confidence, and eventually master those skills that are most useful for them.

I can guarantee that, whatever your concerns are about your child, I have encountered and overcome them before in my two decades of working one-on-one with students of all ages. I have the ideas, approach, and strategies to assist your child, and I am here for you.