I have worked with hundreds of people, helping to organize their academics and their lives.

Here are what a few of them have to say:

My son is currently a junior at Newton South High School, and has been working with Leslee for the past two years. Leslee has been instrumental in helping my son succeed in high school, despite his executive function learning disability. Each week Leslee works with my son on assignments which he finds particularly challenging. She helps him come up with strategies to complete his work, and, with Leslee’s guidance, he gets his work done efficiently and expertly. As a result, my son not only completes his work, but feels great about himself in the process. My son and I both look forward to his meetings with Leslee because we know that it is an hour well spent. I can’t recommend her more highly!
— Lauren Berman, Newton, MA
Leslee has a wonderful, calm and patient style with my boys. She takes the stress out of homework. They have learned life long skills in organization, study habits, and the ability to tackle big projects. She meets them at their level and helps them to grow as students as the demands of school work increase. They look forward to seeing her each week because they know that time spent with Leslee will make the rest of their week easier.
— Linda Riak, Newton, MA
Leslee Brooks is a ‘game changer’. Our son worked with Leslee over a two year period - beginning as a disinterested, disorganized student and evolving into a focused, disciplined and engaged academic. Leslee has the qualities you expect in an outstanding tutor: expertise in a broad range of academic disciplines and years of experience working with students. The qualities that set Leslee apart: her positive spirit and unflappable optimism combined with ample adaptability to the fluidness of adolescent natures.
— M.B., Wellesley, MA
Leslee is a wonderful tutor for kids with organizational difficulties related to school performance. I have used her services for both of my children, she has been able to work well with both even though they are quite different learners. I recommend her without reservation.
— E.G., Independent Mental Health Care Professional, Newton, MA
Leslee was a great asset to me in getting through my last few years of college. I was not the strongest writer and my time management skills were not where they should have been, but she helped me better utilize my time and better space out my workload to more effectively handle it.
— Eric Schreiber, Associate Network Engineer at EMC, MA
My son, a high school junior, has been a client of Leslee’s for a little over a year. Leslee created a wonderful rapport with Ben from their very first meeting. Leslee’s patience, kindness, and deep understanding of Ben’s learning profile allowed Ben to work efficiently, productively and willingly during every session. Having Leslee to support Ben in his most difficult subject (specifically writing) gives him extra confidence and alleviates the anxiety he would otherwise have.
— H.S., Wellesley, MA
Leslee was excellent in helping me improve my writing skills and helped me craft and fine tune my personal statement as part of my application to graduate school. She knows how to put someone at ease, and motivate them. She was a joy to work with.
— Lauren Gawrelli, Nicaragua
Leslee Brooks is a smart, gifted coach and teacher with a warm manner and a wonderful sense of humor. She understands and has a deep empathy for the difficulties that students who learn differently may experience. Leslee respects her students and their different learning styles and works with their strengths to assist them in improving their academic and social outcomes. She knows and is able to impart to her students the strategies and techniques that they can apply to academic and life decisions. As important, she leads her students to understand and value their strengths and to believe in their ability to use those strengths to achieve their goals. She inspires them. She gives them hope. She makes them laugh. She is unwavering in her commitment to her students and will take whatever action she thinks will help and support them.
I know all this because my son had the good fortune to be one of her students during a critical time in his academic and personal life. Her kindness, compassion and coaching played a significant role in his successful completion of high school and college and his overall life choices. I will always be grateful to her.
— Jane Strickland, Needham, MA
Leslee worked with both my girls throughout their high school careers. She was efficient, caring and was a great resouce for both of my girls both in their high school curriculum and preparing their college applications.
— P.J., Wellesley, MA
Leslee was my saving grace throughout my High School experience. When I was at a point in my life that I wasn’t where I needed to be (aka High School) Leslee met with me weekly to ensure that I was managing my time efficiently and helped me complete assignments as well as set up the rest of my week to balance sports with schoolwork and other commitments. The time-management and other managerial skills that I learned from Leslee are an integral part of who I am and how I manage in my current professional and personal life.
— Matthew Starr, Brand Manager, Account Executive at Boston Showcase Company, Newton, MA