What do I bring?

 You need to bring your assignment book/ agenda or access to your online calendar, along with all of your notebooks and any textbooks we may need. Because there are two of us we will hopefully accomplish more than when you work by yourself, so bring more than you think you will need.


What should I expect?

I will always ask what you are working on and where you stand in each of your courses. You are often the best judge of what is your most pressing work.


What if I do not have any homework?

You are in a rigorous school; you have homework. Many students believe that if there is no work to tangibly hand in then they have no homework. This is not true. To be as accomplished in your classes as you are capable of being, read your text books and notes before class. After every class, when possible, read over your notes, and when not possible read your notes and text at the day's end. Try to tell yourself out loud what you have learned and review orally those pieces which have not stuck yet.


Organizational Coaching Clients

We may meet by Skype or in my office whichever is most convenient for you. There are times when onsite meetings will be the most valuable and I will assess this need. You will want access to an online calendar or if you prefer a hard copy agenda that is fine as well. Please have it with you when we meet.