Our lives are filled with enormous expectations, and if a person is not equipped with the necessary tools to be efficient and successful, one can quickly fall behind academically or professionally. Many formerly disorganized clients state they felt they were missing out on many important aspects of their lives; they felt being disorganized was hindering their personal and professional successes. 

When you are organized you are able to engage more fully and productively in your personal, academic, and professional life. Although there is no quick fix when an individual is seriously lagging behind, often, with only minimal assistance, we can effect enormous change in the way someone approaches and masters academic or professional tasks.

My professional relationship with everyone I work with is premised on respect. When sitting down with my clients I sift through the information they provide and I use a step-by-step process to formulate an overall plan that helps ensure my clients meet today's academic and professional demands. I prepare my students and clients to conquer the diverse tasks they encounter in their educational, professional, and personal endeavors by organizing and prioritizing ideas into actionable plans.  

I instruct how to self-reinforce 'good' behaviors that people are already doing while redirecting inefficient effort.  Since interpersonal relationships and communication directly inform people's capabilities to address these issues, understanding how someone interacts and exchanges information with others is key to providing calibrated assistance.  

Working one-on-one, often in my office, I strive to find what each person requires to accomplish his or her goals. For those farther afield, I Skype with people across the country and throughout the world; this allows me to help anyone who has access to the Internet become more efficient in academia, the workplace, or in his or her personal life.  After evaluating and outlining which skills are the most relevant on an individual basis, I equip my clients with this knowledge, provide them with strategies to tackle challenges, and slowly reinforce these skills through positive repetition each time we meet.