Let's face it: trying to organize your busy, multifaceted life is difficult. But by working with me, my clients find they are better able to accomplish their goals, whether it be in the office, in their homes, or with their children.  This, in turn, alleviates the stress that often accompanies disorganized individuals and keeps them from attaining true success in their lives. By learning prioritization and organization strategies, my clients develop the self esteem they deserve, and they are able to enter into a more productive and peaceful relationship with their co-workers and families. Who doesn't want to be seen by colleagues as a capable, trustworthy, productive achiever? Here's what I do:

Editing and Research: Professionals in the academic or business arena often use my support with organizing and editing, assisting their research, and streamlining their business approach.

Coaching: I am able to assist individuals by catering to their specific criteria so they may be most effective in their workplaces and in their personal lives. Often people do not know where to begin this process. I help my clients recognize their options and choose the best strategies to achieve their desired intentions. Often after only a few sessions, my clients are able to better realize their potential and become more efficient. I use a positive and proactive approach, encouraging and guiding my clients to develop their confidence to ensure they accomplish their goals.

Flexible Scheduling: Working in my office, the client's office, or often by Skype, I am readily available to support my clients with both long-term and short-term assistance. Using strategies that are easily learned and implemented, I provide the backing that will be most valuable for each person to realize long-term success.

Ongoing Support: Once my clients have achieved their objectives, I continue to be available to reinforce the strategies they've practiced and to support their future needs. We may meet as often as necessary to provide continuity and reinforcement.

In short, I assist professionals in streamlining how they work so they can augment efficiencies and increase productivity through systems of prioritization and organization, information accessibility structures, and motivational planning and coaching, all designed for ease of implementation.