Working with students of all ages, I access key aspects of each individual's personality to tailor my teaching to my student's needs. Whether they are looking to keep themselves at the top of their game, so they may apply to the most rigorous colleges and graduate programs, or they are struggling and need help with ways to greatly improve their academics, I can help.  Here's what I do:

Techniques and Strategies:  I coach how to approach various test styles, both standardized and non-standardized, for optimum outcomes; this makes all the difference because one studies for every type of test in a different manner. I hone each student's ability to break down material on an on-going basis, rather than cramming the night before, thus ensuring a more successful result.

Academic Skills: I assist my students with organizing, note taking, writing and editing. test taking strategies, review techniques, and class preparation.

Organizing: I teach how to use assignment books, agendas, online calendars, decluttering personal spaces (from bedroom to backpack), and establishing effective study spaces to help guarantee a positive result.

Note Taking: I help students get the most from a wealth of educational sources, including: in-class lectures, textbooks, websites, digital media, and film and video sources.

Essays: I instruct how and when to begin a task, brainstorming techniques, research skills, note taking, outlines, and other ways to tackle writing assignments. I show my students how to take a paper from a mere idea, to a rough draft, to final edit, all while teaching them editing skills so they will gain independence.

College and Graduate School Search: This can be a daunting time for many people, and I work hard to ensure all aspects of the search are considered and met, so my clients can be wholly productive during this key time. I provide general brainstorming sessions, help coordinate school lists and visits, and offer two decades of insight on how to approach the search overall. Additionally, I assist with admissions applications, essay edits, and role play to sharpen interview techniques. I meet with students and parents to assist everyone in better understanding what needs to be done to reach a successful outcome. I can be a small part of the process, or an instrumental portion, depending on each student's and family's desires and requirements.

Whether the goal is better grades, finding the best college, improving deadline adherence or study skills, or learning to work more expediently to increase your free time, I am here for you.